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Are you a gold digger or a coal miner?

September 11th, 2006 · 2 Comments

When given the choice of receiving a pound of gold or an ounce of coal, nearly everyone would choose the former. Although each has value the benefits of gold are more immediate and quickly realized than the coal.

Friction Between The Two

If you take the gold in one hand and the coal in the other and rub them together fiercely with all of your strength a couple things happen. First, a little heat may be generated between the friction of the two. Second, your hand with coal will likely get dirty. Third, and most important, tiny fragments of the gold will be deposited on the surface of the coal and vice versa. You could try and rub off the bits of coal from the gold but if you rubbed them together hard enough it will be tough to remove this “dirty” material from the “beautiful” one.

People in life often have “coal” or “gold” personalities. Which are you? Are you a half-empty kind of person that your friends would say can really brighten up a room?… leaving it! Or are you a half-full kind of person who energizes and motivates those around you? If you take a “coal miner” personality and a “gold digger” personality and stick them in an office together for 10 years what is likely to occur? Bits and pieces of the gold person may eventually sink in to the mind of the coal person. Likewise, parts of the coal person may get into the mind of our gold friend. Like the real-life example of rubbing the two together it can be very difficult a) to get the gold to stay on the surface of the coal and b) to fully clean up all fragments of the coal on the goals surface. That is because being negative is easier to do. Just wake up and start each day wondering what catastrophe will come your way. Wondering what disappointment will arise and at what time. Being positive takes effort, resilience and resolve to keep rolling on day-in and day-out. A quote that confirms this concept is “never in the history of the world has a statute been erected to honor the memory of a critic.” Critics around us are a dime a dozen. You see them at work, on TV, in the newspaper and myriad other places. But it’s the motivators of the mind, the heavy lifters of attitudes and the victors over pessimists that we remember over time.

So as you start each day and those around you say “run for the hills!” Remember….there’s gold in them there hills!

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