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The perfect employee

September 15th, 2006 · No Comments

If you were an employer who was looking to expand your business what would be the ideal list of traits describing that new hire? When I’ve given this talk in front of audiences the following adjectives often make the list:

  • punctual
  • intelligent
  • honest
  • personable
  • diligent
  • optimistic
  • encouraging
  • respectful
  • knowledgeable
  • humorous
  • fair

Now, let’s classify these descriptions as either an attitude or a skill. We’ll define a skill as something with which you are born. You either have it or you don’t. It’s innate. Let’s define an attitude as something that is a mindset or a viewpoint. Below is how we’d categorize each trait.

  • punctual – attitude
  • intelligent – attitude
  • honest – attitude
  • personable – attitude
  • diligent – attitude
  • optimistic – attitude
  • encouraging – attitude
  • respectful – attitude
  • knowledgeable – attitude
  • humorous – attitude
  • fair – attitude

Every single one of these perfect employee traits can be achieved through a positive attitude. Always running late? Put it into your mind to leave early and show up on time. Have a punctual attitude. Not being honest with your spouse or co-workers? Get in the right attitude of being honest with those who surround you. Introverted, hermit-like personality? Get that personable attitude to make conversation with others, be laid back in group settings and be outgoing and personable to those around you.

The perfect employee is more often than not a gold digger and has learned a thing or two from the four-year-old optimist. He knows that the talent he lacks can be learned with the right positive, mental attitude.

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