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How To Save Money Eating Out, Part II

November 2nd, 2006 · 1 Comment

For this next section, let’s begin with a survey:

If you receive unsatisfactory food or service at a restaurant do you?

a) Admit it’s not worth the effort to complain and ignore it
b) Mention it to the server casually
c) Mention it to the server, the manager and anyone else who can help

Most consumers have experienced poor service or bad food while going out to eat. Now, if you are paying someone else to cook, serve and clear your food shouldn’t it be worth your hard-earned money? If you receive poor service or the wrong or ill-cooked food, SPEAK UP! The following polite lines will most often get your bill reduced or your meal for free! Keep in mind that good restaurant managers view you and your party as a lifelong customers worth hundreds or thousands of dollars over the life of that restaurant! What’s one free meal going to cost them if they keep you as a customer who refers other customers.

1. “I’m sorry, but this baked chicken is not cooked like the description. I’m just not pleased with it. What can be done to rectify this situation?”
2. “We waited 35 minutes for our dinner and the order was messed up. IS there anything you or your manager can do?”
3. “I bring a lot of my business clients to your establishment here every month. We were not happy with X or Y today. What can be done to keep us coming back?”

My brother Mike went out on New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend and another couple. To save time he called ahead to ask the restaurant if they took reservations or call-ahead seating. He was told “no” but really wanted to go there, so they went anyway. After a two-and-a-half-hour wait to get seated, he later heard from a server that they do, in fact, take reservations. This was frustrating for the whole party to learn that they spent over two hours in the lobby of the restaurant when they could have been somewhere else (like at home) with a reservation. Mike politely told his story to the manager and the manager to decided to give them free drinks for the drinks they already consumed. Again: another great perk just by asking!

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